Plimpton House

Plimpton House, located at 847 Asylum Avenue is a licensed rooming house that provides housing for up to 35 adults.  As a congregate facility, Plimpton House provides residents with a community living environment that facilitates their independence.

Residents regard Plimpton House as their home. They share rooms, eat meals together, and assume responsibility for the daily chores of maintaining the residence. Residents have ample room to integrate their own possessions into the house, which encourages “pride of place”.  Some residents are employed while others, who are retired or disabled, contribute to upkeep of the house.

Staff are on site 24 hours a day to provide limited assistance to residents with referrals to support services, security and building management. This staff presence underpins our commitment to maintaining an orderly, well-run property, and enhances our efforts to be a good neighbor in the Asylum Hill neighborhood.